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Our custom $600 gaming PC build
Zalman S3 ATX Mid Tower
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Best Gaming PC Under $600

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In the following guide, we will be recommending what we believe is the best gaming PC build for under $600 and exactly what is needed to take it from a bunch of hardware components to a fully operating gaming rig. We update our builds regularly when new and improved hardware options become available to ensure the absolute best products are being recommended for the available price. At $600, you are still operating near entry-level, however you  have room for a better dedicated GPU.

Before we look at the hardware though, let’s quickly go over what you can expect from this PC in regard to performance and features. Furthermore, let’s take a brief look at what separates our build and what compromises had to be made to ensure we got the highest performance out of the system.

What you get for your $600

Like all our builds, the first, and potentially most important criterion are to recommend a PC part list that comes under the set price. For this build, that was $600. Even though that sounds pretty generous, it can be quite challenging to build a sufficient rig at this price.

This means that we had to make several compromises with this build in order to keep it within the $600 budget. An older CPU and GPU combination can be used here used instead and a smaller sized SSD has to feature to keep costs down too. Despite this, the build beneath is currently the best for under $600 and is very easy to upgrade in the near future.


For many, this is the most important aspect of a custom build. Once you’ve considered the price of a PC, the next thing you consider is how powerful that build is and whether or not it’s worth the money.  With a relatively strong 1080p GPU and a sufficient multicore processor, you have everything you need to play any game, however, you will need something more powerful if you plan on gaming in 1440p and above. Our build has been equipped with a reasonably quick SSD storage solution so you won’t be waiting around for your PC to boot or games to load but you may need to expand on its capacity in the near future. Overall, we’re extremely happy with the performance of our $600 custom PC considering current limitations.

AMD of Intel for your $600 PC build?

You might be wondering why we’ve recommended an Intel CPU in this build. The included CPU is very affordable and while it is previous-gen, it still offers good performance. Of course, the processor is one of the compromises made to ensure you get a better GPU inside but it will work well for this build.

One thing worth mentioning whilst we’re talking about AMD Vs Intel is upgradability. Right now, this motherboard has scope to include a much better CPU down the line, along with faster RAM too.

How we choose

Our team has years of experience behind them building PCs for a range of needs and budgetary requirements. All this knowledge combined with hours of research, user feedback, and onsite benchmarking is what goes into choosing the best components for our builds.

We look for value for money, how the components perform together and focus on gamers’ needs to make sure our builds are the best bang for your buck.

We build all these PCs ourselves, in-house, so trust us when we say we want to make them as good as possible. We actually use all these builds ourselves day-to-day in the WePC offices.

How we test

We build each of our selected PC’s from scratch to make sure all the parts we recommend work well together, fit into the selected case, and provide the best performance possible for the price range. Once built, the PCs are used in the office for everyday work as well as a range of games from light to heavy-duty. While we test, we also run benchmarking tests to see how well our builds perform, all while keeping an eye on the temperature of the components themselves.

We know how much some of our readers enjoy overclocking their PCs, so we made sure to test that out too. So, you can feel safe knowing that these machines can be pushed beyond their basic capabilities. But, please make sure you know how to overclock before trying to over-task your builds.

Prebuilt gaming PC under $600

Most gamers usually opt to build their own computer since it’s much more cost-effective, often with savings in the hundreds! That being said, not everyone is able to build their own machine. For those that don’t have the time or the confidence to tackle this custom-build project, we’ve come up with a list of the best-prebuilt gaming PCs under $600.

All our prebuilt PC recommendations come from reputable PC custom-building companies, with good build quality and warranties.

Our custom gaming PC build for $600

Below is a more comprehensive look at some of the components we’ve chosen for the best custom build PC under $600 and why.

Zalman S3 ATX Mid Tower

Our custom $600 gaming PC build

Order This Custom Gaming PC Build

If you’re looking for a 1080p gaming machine that showcases decent performance,  great cooling, and comes to shelves at a very affordable price point – then look no further. This build offers budget-level performance, with older generation components that combine to deliver an enjoyable 1080p gaming experience.

The Intel Core I3-12100F is the brand’s previous-gen budget CPU offering.

The 12100F features 4 cores/8threads and comes with a base clock speed of 3.3GHz that can be boosted to 4.3GHz. This should be more than enough to handle most games at 1080p and will churn through med-high demanding workloads. You won’t be running into bottleneck issues anytime soon either, the processor pairs perfectly with the RAM and is ideal for those looking to create a budget gaming PC.

Not only is this a solid motherboard for the price but it also supports Intel’s latest generation of processors.

The motherboard doesn’t really impact gaming performance too drastically but it is important to have a reliable and stable board that can support your components. That is exactly what this board offers. It might not be the best motherboard available, but for the price, you’ll do well to find anything more suited.

No items found.

This Patriot Viper Steel 16GB RAM kit offers excellent price to performance. We’ve opted for 16GB of DDR4 3200MHz RAM in our $600 gaming PC build to make sure it has enough power to play the most demanding game titles.

With plenty of room in the budget for an entry-level graphics card, we have opted for the affordable AMD RX Radeon 6700XT. The  6700XT will net you some decent results when playing in 1080p. While you should limit your expectations when playing the odd modern title, this card thrives when playing esports titles.

A solid-state drive is an essential hardware component and we highly recommend installing your OS onto it (alternatively, you could use your SSD as a cache). This is because SSDs offer huge performance increases for desktop usage and boot times, alongside much faster loading times in games. This SSD only has a 500GB capacity giving you ample room for your media files and games but you may need to upgrade/ add to this before anything else.

The Cooler Master Q300L PC case has been custom designed to keep your system cool straight out of the box, with one included 120mm fan pre-installed. This case may not be ground-breaking but for the price, it’s a pretty good deal.

At this price point, compromises need to be made to ensure the performance of the build meets our requirements. In the $600 build, we only managed to squeeze a 600W non-modular PSU. Cable management should be more than achievable thanks to the case used in this build. Here’s a comprehensive list of our best gaming power supplies.

Order This Custom Gaming PC Build

$600 Budget

We’ve already touched upon budgetary constraints near the start of the article, but something we didn’t discuss was the correlation between a PC’s price and the performance it can provide. Almost every build has a different level of performance ability, therefore, choosing the right PC for your needs should start with its price. We set a target of under $600 and we believe we’ve extracted the maximum amount of performance available at this price point. Our build has the ability to provide an immersive gaming experience at 1080p over the most popular AAA game titles. That’s over 60FPS in a lot of scenarios. However, if you’re looking for a PC to smash 4k games, VR, and multi-tasking extremely heavy workloads all at the same time, you might want to consider one of our premium builds.

Upgradability & Future-Proofing

One of the most important areas to consider before purchasing a custom build is upgradability and future-proofing. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where upgrading your build is extremely difficult. Luckily, we’ve already thought ahead for you. The components we’ve equipped on our build is open to more storage, faster RAM, larger GPUs, and even better CPUs.


Overclocking, who doesn’t love getting extra performance power out of their build at no extra cost? It’s a great thing overclocking, but for those that aren’t fully up-to-speed, be aware that the wrong hardware could end in catastrophic consequences. If you are looking to overclock your build you need to be aware of a few key areas. One is cooling. Both our build comes with a stock cooler which should allow for a small amount of overclocking. If you’re looking to push your CPU then I would highly recommend a much more powerful cooling solution.

Ease of Build

A first-time builder should always consider how easy a custom build is to assemble. Some projects can be much more strenuous than others. Our build makes use of builder-friendly cases that make your job easier when it comes to building time. It comes with a PSU shroud which automatically makes life a bit easier, and cable management is fairly straightforward as well.

A lot of people don’t really consider static charges an issue, but for those that do, we’ve put together this handy anti-static equipment article to show you exactly how to use it. It’s also worth mentioning that each build comes with its own stock cooler which already includes thermal paste. However, if you’re looking for a premium thermal paste then we’ve got you covered here.

Non-gaming Performance

So, we’ve already established that our build can handle gaming very well. But, how does it operate in other areas such as multi-tasking and heavy workload scenarios? The answer is pretty good. The AMD chip is much more suited to multi-tasking and workload tasks. This is thanks to the multi-threaded nature of the chip. It’s certainly an area that should be considered pre-purchase because a lot of entry-level builds won’t handle heavy workloads too well.


Finally, we come to aesthetics. This is usually the area that gets the least attention when building an entry-level build, and that’s because aesthetically pleasing hardware usually comes with a pretty steep price increase attached to them. That being said, we still managed to equip this build with a pretty attractive case with tempered glass. If you want to increase the aesthetic appeal of your build we think RGB fans and lighting strips can really pimp a PC’s look.

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Best Prebuilt Gaming PC Brands

Every recommended prebuilt gaming PC in this article is from a reputable manufacturer. You are probably wondering how we know what the best gaming PC brands are? Well, we have done our research and purchased PCs from these brands.

Most notable brands:

Scan 3XS
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Calculating The PSU Wattage

Making sure your PSU provides the correct amount of wattage to your custom build PC is an essential part of the build process. For that reason, we’ve created a handy PSU calculator which will work out exactly what PSU wattage your components require – no matter how many changes you make.

Upgrade options

By now you should have a pretty good idea of whether or not this build is right for you and your needs. However, if you aren’t quite impressed by the performance power of this build, we’ve decided to create these upgrade paths which should improve performance exponentially.

All upgrades have been considered based on the performance and price of the custom build. Let’s waste no further time and dive into the upgrades.

NOTE: These will raise the price of the build!

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Operating System & Peripherals

Building your PC doesn’t end there. If you want to really make the build more worthwhile in terms of money and performance, you should consider getting the following peripheral picks.

NOTE: These will raise the price of the build!

No items found.

Building Tips

If this is your first time building a PC, or it’s been a while and you’re feeling rusty, then make sure you utilize the great information that’s available so that both you and your PC are safe.

In fact, we’ve compiled a list of common mistakes newbie PC builders should avoid as well as questions you might have when building a PC to iron out any lapse in your knowledge.

Closing Thoughts

There you have it, our comprehensive guide to the best custom PC for under $600. This build should have everything a budding gamer needs to get them onto the battlefield in 1080p and for a few years to come. Our build showcases superb value for money and offers excellent performance as well. We’ve even recommended a prebuild option for those who don’t feel up to tackling this project.

Why not leave us a comment letting us know exactly what you thought of this build, we’d love to hear from you! You can even head over to our community to voice your opinion and share some pictures of your build process.

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