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Are you in the Steam Hall of Shame?

Join us in the Steam hall of Shame

Updated: Aug 21, 2023 10:40 am
Are you in the Steam Hall of Shame?

What if I told you that there’s a website that easily tells you how many hours of your life you spent on Steam? You’d want to look, right? Well, it turns out there’s a convenient service that can tell you how much time you’ve spent wasting away in front of your computer screen. Introducing the Steam Hall of Shame.

Where do you sit in the Steam Hall of Shame?

The Steam Hall of Shame is a fun website that ranks users based on how many hours they’ve spent on Steam. Not that gaming is shameful in any way, but there was a slightly different view of it around 8 years ago.

We assume that Steamtime is older than 2015, but this is just the earliest snapshot we can find of it using the Wayback machine.

The Steam Hall of Shame is not a Valve or Steam affiliate; instead, it’s a playful little app that draws inspiration from SteamDB and Steam charts, both of which are other excellent services capable of providing statistics about your Steam profile.

steam hall of shame
A screenshot of the Steam Hall of Shame.

The current top user is stykenan, with over 141,000 hours put into games on Steam over 19 years. That’s an average of over 7,400 hours per year, which equates to 308 days every year. There’s just no way that someone could feasibly play all of those hours, they have to be idling.

this one is obviously a hard one to beat, but maybe you and your friends could have a look and see who’s the saddest out of your group. A bit of healthy competition never hurt anyone.

What’s surprising is that Steam Legend, St4ck, is pretty low down on the list with only 18,000 hours, in spite of the fact that St4ck’s Steam profile is considered one of, if not the most valuable Steam profile in the world.

Try it out for yourself, and see where you rank in the Steam Hall of Shame.

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