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Our custom gaming PC build for Call Of Duty Warzone
Phanteks Eclipse P500A
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Best gaming PC for Warzone 2: best build & prebuilt

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Just when the world thought the battle royale format was starting to dwindle, Call Of Duty sprung into action releasing arguably one of the most popular games of all time – Warzone. Warzone fast became one of the highest played, streamed, and watched shooters to date while simultaneously refreshing the stale BR genre. It no longer became the end if you were to be shot dead, it was more of an inconvenience, with innovative 1v1 Gulag battles and in-game cash for extra lives.

Warzone always had strong player counts, interest from new players, and surprisingly lots of console players are starting to consider switching to PC too. Warzone 2 promises much more of the same, with an altogether new experience for players.

With this in mind, we are going to be putting together the best Warzone 2 gaming PC build, including the best CPU and graphics card for Warzone 2, throwing in a budget option, and a prebuilt PC for good measure.

The application of skill and dedication of time are the two main reasons most become ‘great’ at a game, however, when it comes to PCs you are going to need to ensure you have a smooth experience and leave any notion of lag or poor graphics at the theoretical door.

Warzone 2 PC requirements

You should always take game requirements with a pinch of salt as they often include out-of-date hardware that can be quite tricky to get your hands on. We will take a look at what Activision set out as their recommended Warzone 2 system requirements before discussing what we think you should go for later on in the article.


  • OS: Windows 10 64 Bit (latest update) or Windows 11 64 Bit (latest update)
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-6600K / Core i7-4770 or AMD Ryzen 5 1400
  • RAM: 12 GB
  • Hi-Rez Assets Cache: Up to 32 GB
  • Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 or AMD Radeon RX 580
  • Video Memory: 4 GB

The game is optimized to the point where the recommended specs from Call Of Duty will serve you well, however, for a smooth experience or if you wish to push frame rates above 144 FPS without compromise, our Warzone 2 build is going to be the better option.

Best PC for Warzone 2

We are going to be putting together the best PC for Warzone 2, which means we want this to be well-priced, performance-focused, and affordable for the masses, so don’t expect this PC to play any game in 4K max settings.

Warzone 2 has a lot of in-game objects and players, so a combination of a strong CPU, GPU, memory, and fast storage should offer the perfect balance to bring flawless results. This guide is to help you build a PC for Warzone 2 but we will also recommend a prebuilt PC for Warzone 2 too, allowing everyone a chance to get stuck into the battle royale shooter, without the need for expertise or time.

Best prebuilt gaming PC for Warzone 2

We always recommend you build your own Gaming PC, however, we understand that not everyone has the time or know-how to do so. With this in mind, we have a prebuilt option that closely matches our custom build, giving everyone a chance to jump into Warzone 2 on PC.

Best PC for Warzone

This Warzone 2 PC build has been put together to offer the perfect balance of performance for the price. This build is aimed at gamers who are looking to hit a consistent 144+ FPS in 1080p, with settings on high/ ultra. For the smoothest experience you may need to tweak your settings but generally speaking, this PC can produce high frame rates in Warzone 2 without issue.

Phanteks Eclipse P500A

Our custom gaming PC build for Call Of Duty Warzone

Order This Custom Gaming PC Build

We have balanced price and performance into one gaming PC to bring you the best build and experience for Warzone 2. With this build or prebuilt, you can expect to achieve over 144 FPS consistently in Warzone 2 and enjoy a wide array of AAA games in high settings.

The AMD Ryzen 5 5600X is one of the best CPUscuyrrently available for the desktop. This processor may not be the flagship or strongest in the lineup but it offers excellent performance for the price and is well up to the task of making your new Warzone 2 PC feel snappy. The 5600X features 6 core/12 thread makeup running at a base clock of 3.7GHz, with a boost clock of 4.6GHz respectively.

To house your components we have opted for the Asus TUF Gaming X570-Plus motherboard. This is a reliable board that will serve you for years to come and brings along some nice-to-have features such as overclocking support, fast RAM speeds, Wi-Fi, and PCIe 4.0.

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This 16GB RAM kit from Corsair comes with an abundance of speed and quality for chosen AMD processor above. Whether you are playing Warzone 2, streaming, or working, we wanted to make sure you have more than enough RAM capacity and speed to get things done effectively. We have gone for a RAM kit with a speed of 3600MHz to give you optimal speeds for gaming and to future-proof your system a little bit more.

For a great offering of the late generation of graphics cards, the RTX 3080 is a great all-around GPU. So you can enjoy high frames in Warzone 2 over 144 FPS in high settings, this card will also play your favorite AAA titles and more, giving you everything you need to match a powerful monitor’s refresh rate or resolution.

This is an area you could save on, however, we have opted for one of the fastest SSDs that can be paired with this Warzone 2 build. This will make your new gaming PC startup extremely fast, it will load your games in record time, and will also play a part in gaming performance too. The 1TB capacity will be able to fit your operating system, games, and media files, with plenty of room to spare.

Phanteks Eclipse P500A

Phanteks Eclipse P500A



Motherboard Support



240mm x 510mm x 505mm

Included Fans

3 x 140mm D-RGB

The Phanteks P500A is another area you could save on if you would prefer a no-thrills budget case, however, the look and performance of this case are excellent. The P500A boasts a tempered glass side panel for you to look in at your build and comes with three 120mm pre-installed fans, giving you decent airflow out of the box. Alongside the airflow and aesthetics, the P500A is also very builder-friendly, offering plenty of options for cable management, drive mounting, extra fans, and room for a liquid cooling setup.

Last but not least, the PSU. We have gone for a very affordable yet highly recommend EVGA 750 BQ. This features a bronze efficiency rating giving you all the power you need for a very reasonable price.

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Cheapest gaming PC for Warzone 2 – Will a budget PC work?

As mentioned, this guide has been crafted to help you find the perfect balance between price and performance but that doesn’t mean you can’t go down a cheaper route. If you were happy playing on a low-resolution monitor, don’t require a steady 144+ FPS for high refresh rate monitors, or don’t mind lowering the graphical settings, you can save in a few areas here.

Just be aware that a budget gaming PC for Warzone 2 may also struggle to play other games too.

While we wouldn’t advise it, if you plan on playing Warzone 2 in 1080p, 60Hz, then you can potentially get away with an entry-level CPU/ GPU combo, 8GB of RAM, and a hard drive. The truth is, a cheap Warzone 2 build is going to yield sub-par results and it will not stand the test of time.

Best CPU for Warzone

With so many players moving around and shooting one another, Warzone is very CPU-heavy in comparison to a lot of games. This makes it easy to think the best CPU for Warzone is the best on the market and you are right, however, there is a middle ground with a more affordable solution.

We think an AMD Ryzen 5 5600X is the middle ground. This is one of AMD’s latest Ryzen processors and it features decent single-core performance, along with the added benefit of being multithreaded. There is a trade-off when you compare this CPU to one of its more powerful siblings, however, the 5600X is more affordable and when you start to tweak your in-game settings you are still going to be able to achieve a stable 144FPS.

Best graphics card (GPU) for Warzone

For gamers looking to Warzone in maxed-out settings with a high frame rate, play in 1440p at 144Hz, or run a 240Hz monitor, you’re going to need an Nvidia RTX 3080 at the very least.

An RTX 3080 is largely considered one of the best GPUs to ever grace our PCs but it comes at a cost. With this in mind, we are opting for a middle-of-the-road RTX 3060 Ti. This card is powerful in its own right and should push a consistent frame rate of 144+ when playing at a 1080p resolution.

There will be the occasional dip and you can counter that by reducing your settings if needed. For those with a 1440p monitor, the performance is still respectable but you may want to look at including an RTX 3070 in your build to ensure you get a consistent frame rate.

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Calculating The PSU Wattage

Making sure your PSU provides the correct amount of wattage to your custom build PC is an essential part of the build process. For that reason, we’ve created a handy PSU calculator which will work out exactly what PSU wattage your components require – no matter how many changes you make.

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Operating System & Peripherals

Additions like peripherals and an operating system are going to raise the cost of a build, however, they are crucial components if you actually want to use your new PC.

Logitech G915 TKL Tenkeyless Lightspeed

Logitech G915 TKL Tenkeyless Lightspeed

Connectivity Technology

Bluetooth, USB

Mechanical Switches

GL Tactile

Programmable Macros






Dedicated Media Control


Building Tips

When building a PC, you need to handle it with care. This is especially true if this is the first PC you’ve ever built; definitely read various online tips to clear up any questions you have before starting.

Closing Thoughts

Stock issues aside, if you can build this PC for Warzone 2 you are well underway to having a fantastic gaming experience. This build and the accompanying prebuilt are perfect for those looking to hit 144+ FPS in 1080p high settings. If you are looking for a build that hits these figures in 1440p or you need to hit 240 FPS for your high refresh rate monitor, consider a simple GPU upgrade but beware of eth additional cost.

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